Hidden - December 19, 2018

Uber’s Drive to #RethinkTheRatio

As most of you know from Instagram and a recent story published here on MAED, I partnered with Uber and had the pleasure of attending the GirlbBoss Rally that took place in NYC a few weekends ago. Thanks to Uber and their #RethinkTheRatio initiative three female entrepreneurs were awarded tools, mentorship and funds to invest in their business that weekend, as part of the Uber Pitch program at the Rally. Uber also hosted some of what I found to be the most informative panels during the whole two-day event.

Imagine being surrounded by a thousand women who are all on their hustle. All working hard to get businesses off the ground, scale businesses for growth or some even negotiating partial or whole exit strategies. The entire place buzzed with excitement.

I also had the pleasure of interviewing former Kentucky Teacher of the Year, Founder & CEO, of Curio Learning, Ashley Lamb-Sinclair on day 1 of the Girlboss Rally. Curio Learning is a platform where educators can discover, curate, and collaborate. When asked what inspired Lamb-Sinclair to create her platform, she said the process of putting together engaging lesson plans for her students was difficult. She would have to source content from “all over the place” and trying to share her findings with her colleagues was even more challenging. She grew frustrated. On top of that, “everyone in the school system was making decisions for teachers except the teachers.” but “we’re in the classrooms,” she added.

Lamb-Sinclair went on to take home first prize and win $95K at from Uber Pitch Program and I couldn’t have been happier for her. Her passion and desire to inspire educators to “teach like a rebel” was very clear from the moment I met her. As a mother who is currently touring new schools for her child, I could only pray to find teachers with as much passion.

While 62% of women-owned business perform better than male-owned businesses, only 2% of women entrepreneurs receive venture capital. Uber is out to change that.

Thank you, Uber for encouraging us all to #RethinkTheRatio and for an incredibly positive weekend. I teared up when Ashley Lamb-Sinclair was announced as the winner, I laughed when we proudly adjusted each other’s crowns with “Queens Moves,” and I met some of the most driven, creative and enthusiastic women ever.  To say I left inspired would be an understatement.

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