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11 Gift Boxes Any Kid Would Love to Unwrap This Holiday Season

It’s hard to keep your perspective when it comes to showering the kids in your life with presents during the holidays. After all, who doesn’t want to give the coolest, cutest, funnest, bestest gifts to their favorite kiddos? But at the same time, you’d like them to be good for their mind, not contribute to the plastic problem that so many toys are guilty of, and inspire them to become their best selves. We’ve got you covered with these tried-and-true subscription gift boxes that kids would love.

For Babies: Lovevery Play Kit

Designed by child development experts, the toys included are literally the only ones your child needs. Each box is curated for a specific two-month age range and includes activities, puzzles, and toys to build more neural pathways in their growing brains (and to keep them entertained for hours). Gift this to a mama for the lifesaver she needs. 

$80 for single box, $72 with subscription 

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For the Artists: Craft Subscription Box

This eco-friendly subscription box delivers craft and science kits that inspire confidence and creativity while engaging children with the world. Bonus: They offer sibling subscriptions for a few dollars more. It’s a gift for the world, too. For every order made, Green Craft Kids plants a tree. Win, win.

Boxes start at $25 per month

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For the Expressive: Sticker Club Membership

If there’s one universal truth about kids, it’s that they appreciate the simple things. And stickers are just that: simple. They provide fun in fun’s purest form. This monthly subscription will give the kid in your life sheets of the newest, most unique stickers for crafting or sharing. They get to be the cool kid with stickers, and you get to be the cool gifter who ensures the kiddo in your life always has a fresh stash. Plus, what kid doesn’t love getting mail? 

$12 for 7 sheets, $18 for 15 sheets

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For the Ever Curious: Learning Crates

Who says learning can’t be fun? The goal of Learning Crates is to make learning fun with diverse, well-researched products and activities. And boy, do they deliver. Each month, your babe will receive 7-10 new items that include customized books, experiments, and hands-on activities intended to challenge their minds and inspire play. Plus, with every order, a book is donated towards children’s literacy.

$30 per box

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For the Future Explorer: Little Passports

Whether or not your family travels makes no difference with this gift. Designed to expose your child to different cultures and places without ever leaving the playroom, the Traveler Kit intro box includes a small novelty suitcase, welcome letter, activity book, and a giant world map. Each month following they’ll receive a package themed around a specific place—from the natural wonders they’d see, to currency and animals they’d find there—and includes a souvenir, stickers, book of games, and other fun surprises. Then, they get to check off the place on their map. 

$15-$22, depending on subscription

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For the Bookworm: Literati Books

Books really are the gift that keeps on giving, and these boxes include five handpicked books by expert curators that vary based on age. Once you get the box, you have a week to select the books you want to purchase, and then send the rest back with free shipping. It’s a simple, fun way to get introduced to books you might not have found before. 

$10 per box plus cost of any books purchased

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For the Chef: Kidstir

Each box includes three yummy recipes with step-by-step instructions, kid-friendly cooking tools, and craft activities (think: place cards). Keep in mind, this box isn’t just for kids. Kidstir wants parents (and gifters) to consider the monthly delivery as “time in a box.” That is, they’d like to it be a reminder to carve out time to spend with your little cooking, laughing, learning, and making memories while simultaneously raising kids to have a healthy and happy connection with food. Right now they do not offer vegan or gluten-free options, so make sure to shoot them a message if you or your kiddos have any allergies or dietary restrictions. 

$20 for single box, $25 with monthly subscription

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For the High-Energy: Sensory Play Box

Created by an occupational therapist, this box is designed to engross children in the moment. Each box includes an array of 5-7 sensory toys that have been touted as favorites in the therapy world for either developmental or emotional benefits—like putty, aromatherapy dough, crafts, light-up toys, colored pencils, items with different textures or sounds, and more. 

Boxes start at $40

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For the Fashionista: Rockets of Awesome

If your babe loves playing dress up, this one’s for them. You start by taking a quiz about your little one’s personal style and experts will curate 8 pieces they think they’ll love. Parents get a sneak peak of what’s in the box via email in case anything doesn’t look right, and kiddos get to look forward to fresh new styles each month. Have the kiddos try them on, keep what they like, and send back the rest. 

$5 for box, price varies per piece


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For the Engineer: Stem Club Toy Subscription

Perfect for the one who loves to experiment, these discovery boxes offer monthly science kits filled with hands-on science and engineering activities. Starting around age 7, your little can look forward to learning new things centered around astronomy, robotics, aerospace, physics, chemistry, and other subjects that amaze kids. Not saying we can’t come up with all of these games and experiments ourselves… just saying it’s convenient someone else has done the hard work for us. 

$25 for first box, $30 for all consecutive boxes

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These gift boxes that kids would love come straight from the heart to inspire kids’ minds and give them space to explore avenues of creativity that they might not get otherwise. Talk about a special present, right?

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you, but as always, mamas should check the ingredients and products themselves to ensure they’re safe for their child. 

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