7 Tips For Having A More Mindful Pregnancy

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5 Must-Read Books When You Are Pregnant

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Which Non-Toxic Deodorants Actually Work?

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Glam - March 6, 2019

A Guide To High-Tech Beauty Tools, Part One: LED Face Masks

More and more high-tech beauty tools are now available to devout beauty consumers. With plenty of new and exciting skin-care tools on the market, we know it may be hard to choose which devices are worth investing in. Welcome to Part One of an ongoing series breaking down the best tech-based beauty tools out there right now.
Nurture - March 4, 2019

Things You Should Never Ever Say To A Pregnant Woman

We spoke to three different pregnant and asked them what they felt were the top things you should never say, ask or do to a pregnant woman. While it usually stems from pure curiosity or someone just trying to be helpful, most of it comes off intrusive, rude and judgmental.
Nurture - March 1, 2019

Another Trip Around The Sun

I’ve never felt more like I was walking the path I was intended to walk than right now. Even with all of the chaos, the self-doubt and questions, the lessons I’ve learned have been life-changing, so I thought I share the three most important things I learned this year.
Live - February 27, 2019

30-Day Celery Juice Challenge Update #30daysmaed

Find out if celery juice is worth all the hype. Here's an update after our 30-day celery juice challenge. Happy 30 Days!! Congratulations and thank you to everyone who went on this challenge with me, here is our celery juice challenge update.I’m going to continue. Are you?
Live - February 25, 2019

Screen Time & Our Children, Part Three: What Happened When We Introduced Screens

We introduced screen time to our daughter. Here's what changed for her and how we feel about it all.
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“Beauty is power; a smile is its sword.” — John Ray

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