Live - February 27, 2019

30-Day Celery Juice Challenge Update

Happy 30 Days!! Congratulations and thank you to everyone who went on this challenge with me, here is our celery juice challenge update.

When I first wrote about celery juice and the Medical Medium’s ideas behind the hottest new wellness trend, I was pretty skeptical. While I am a self-proclaimed wellness junkie and firmly believe in healing yourself from the inside out, something about the whole celery juice trend didn’t resonating with me. Last Spring when it first popped up on my radar I thought it was merely another fad that had taken over Instagram.

Well, I was wrong!! Just after a few days of drinking celery juice (per the medicine man’s directions) I immediately felt an energy boost. So much so that I would credit celery juice for getting me over my extreme extended morning sickness.

I’ve also noticed a change in my skin. I’ve been dealing with a small rash on my face for a few months now. This rash comes and goes and gets better or gets worse randomly. Recently, pregnancy hormones have had my skin issue ragging. I’ve seen top facialists, and I’ve seen some of the best dermatologists in Los Angeles, and nothing has helped. Fast forward two weeks into celery juicing and my skin was visibly better. I didn’t immediately notice the change but one morning I got into my car and while applying my usual red lip, thought to myself “Wow, my skin is on fleek today?”

Two days later hubby came home after being on the road for some time, and he happened to comment on my skin as well. I kept trying to think if I had introduced something new in my skincare routine, but at the time everything was the same. It didn’t dawn on me until another day or two later when I was once again in my car. As I took a swig out of my large mason jar, I realized it was the celery juice!! My skin was not only glowy but more importantly, the rash’s inflammation was down by 80%. By the end of week three, it was gone entirely.

What Others Had To Say

One of the most exciting parts about this 30-day challenge was doing it together as a community. I was surprised to see how many people jumped on board and were willing to commit themselves to 30 days of juicing.

I was able to keep up with everyone participating via social media and MAED Insiders sent me weekly updates via free downloadable templates they received in February’s editor’s letter. The response was overwhelmingly positive. From weight loss and energy boosts to better digestion and less bloating.

All in all, there were only three unfavorable stories told to me. Two of the stories turned out to be headaches due to the inability to drink coffee first thing every morning (caffeine withdrawal is a very real thing). And then another woman shared that she felt celery juice was making both her and her partner’s blood pressure rise. Which goes to show us that we’re all so different and that we should always check in with our health practitioners before trying something new or for an extended amount of time.


Final Decision

I feel celery juice has proven to beneficial for a majority of those who participated in our 30-day challenge. I have to admit it, I’m convinced!! I definitely noticed a difference in me and because feedback has been so incredibly positive, I’m going to continue. Are you?

Thank you to everyone who not only participated but also journaled and shared their journey with our community and me via Facebook or Instagram. If you’re just starting the challenge or are considering starting, take some time to read “Celery Juice: What’s All The Hype About?,” “Juicing Vs. Blending: What’s The Difference?” and “How To Make Celery Juice. Both Ways”. If you’re interested in getting the free downloads to keep track of the results of your journey, head to the contact page and shoot us an email.


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