Gift Guides - June 6, 2019

30 Father’s Day Gifts Dads Actually Want & Will Use!

Let’s be honest men are hard to shop for! They tend to go for practical and useful items when shopping, and usually, they don’t see the need to have multiples of many things. The dad in your life, whether it’s your dad, your husband, your brother, or uncle more than likely doesn’t switch out his wallet every few days to match his outfit. He has one wallet and rolls with it until it’s on its last leg. Also, when you ask most men what they want for a gift, they almost always tend to respond with one of these three statements… “I don’t need anything,” “I don’t want anything,” or “you don’t have to buy me a gift.” They tend to drop zero clues, making gift giving extra hard.

Of course, we all want to spoil the dads in our lives and show them that we appreciate them for all that they do, but at the same time, we want to get them something that they will actually use and dare we say… might just impress them. Men tend to love practicality, so below, we came up with thirty practical gifts for any dad in your life, but they all have a little twist. If the dad (or dad figure) in your life is into grilling… does he have an indoor smokeless grill for when the weather won’t allow him to exercise his skills outdoors? Is he into music and electronics? How about sunglasses with built-in Bluetooth speakers? Is he really into skin care? Then a gift set from a clean beauty brand might just be his thing (then he can also stop borrowing your products!).

So instead of getting the dad in your life a tie, wallet or socks opt for something practical, useful but extra fun. And don’t forget to include a funny card filled with words of love and gratitude—more than anything they’ll love that!

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