Eat - February 13, 2019

5 Kitchen Essentials You Need According To A Chef

Regular “EAT” contributor and celebrity chef Janette Clark of Simply P.U.T.T shares five kitchen essentials that we all need and that she “can’t live without!” 


Chef’s Knife

Chef knives are essential for preparing any meal. From slicing to dicing, mincing and chopping, to carving meat and breaking down poultry. A great chef knife is used to handle about 90% of all cutting tasks. With blades ranging from 6 to 14 inches, this necessary tool has the versatility needed to accomplish your most intricate and elaborate cuts. Invest in a quality knife you love and get acquainted with your most valued kitchen tool.

Cutting Board

Cutting boards provide the foundation for a premium workspace, allowing one to fully utilize
knives, all the while preserving your (knife’s) blade and countertop. Herbs, fruits, vegetables,
bread, nuts – anything that calls for a knife, requires a cutting board. Of the three types of cutting boards – plastic, bamboo and wood, I always choose a wooden cutting board. Wooden cutting boards are environmentally friendly and easy on the blade of your knife. To maintain the integrity of your board, oil it with food-grade mineral oil, which prevents staining and warping.


A blender was a blender, and then the Vitamix was invented. This is your go-to appliance for
making fresh nut milks, smoothies, soups, sauces, dressings, ice cream, purees, and more. Attain perfection with this powerful machine. No lumps, chunks or unwanted bits in your concoctions. Get ready for restaurant quality consistency with minimal effort. Of course, you can get the job done with other blenders; however, a Vitamix is worth the investment.


Yes, it makes peeling potatoes a breeze, but this underestimated gadget has other superpowers, creating garnishes. When dishes need a bit of color, height or a fancy cut, that’s when a peeler comes in handy. I love to create curly strips of carrots, cucumber ribbons and more. No matter your skill level, peelers can take your plating up a few notches.

Silicone Spatula

You have no idea you need it until you use it. I find spatulas useful for stirring, scraping, mixing and folding any food in its path. For stovetop cooking, the spatula gently, yet efficiently scrapes the bottom of the pan, while also preserving the pan. The silicone spatula also limits waste, allowing you to get every drop of food out of the bowl, blender, pot, any vessel in use. Choose silicone spatulas over plastic because silicone is non-toxic and withstands heating and freezing without releasing hazardous chemicals.

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Janette Clark, founder of Simply P.U.T.T, specializes in home service, meal prep, classes and private events. You can follow her culinary work on Instagram at @chefputtie.

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