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15 Sleep Aids to Help You Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Sleep is imperative for our health in every aspect—mental, emotional, and physical. It’s a precious thing that, unfortunately, can be easily disrupted for a bevy of reasons from temperature and lighting to sleep disorders and brains that just won’t turn off. With everything currently going on in the world, a truly restful sleep has become increasingly harder to achieve and there’s a reason for that: Anxiety.

According to a recent report from Express Scripts, the use of anti-insomnia, anti-anxiety, and antidepressant medications have spiked. Between February and March of this year, filled prescriptions increased by 21% (read the full story here). Whether you’ve suffered from poor sleep before or it’s something new, insomnia, disturbing dreams, and 24/7 worry are keeping all of us right now. Not to mention our little ones who feed off our every emotion and can also be experiencing this lack of sleep, only making things 10 times harder.

We don’t have to tell you just how important sleep is, especially during a global pandemic. Sleep promotes a healthier immune system, regulates your mood, increases energy, and sets you up for a better, more productive day overall. To help you achieve a better night’s sleep, we put together this list of our favorite sleepwear, sleep aids, and small tips and tricks you can use nightly to get back to the beauty sleep you’re used to.



What you wear to bed can really affect how you sleep. Wearing the wrong thing to bed is no different than wearing an outfit to work that you aren’t comfortable in and daydreaming all day about getting home so you can change out of it! If you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing to sleep, you’ll feel much more relaxed once you’re actually in bed for the night.

Kimono Robe

Slipping on a classic Kimono Robe does wonders when getting centered for bedtime. It’s a luxurious option to wear as you complete your nightly skincare routine and can create a mentally zen atmosphere as if you’re in an actual spa

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Joyaria Soft Bamboo Pajama Sets

Nothing is more comfortable or cuter than a short-sleeve PJ set, especially as we creep into the summer months. Joyaria makes bamboo-based PJ sets that are lightweight, breathable, and so crazy soft. These sets are available in all sorts of colors and patterns so you can customize your beauty sleep to fit your personality. Our favorite? The leopard print, of course!

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Floerns Palm Leaf Print Sleepwear

Another short-sleeve PJ option we’re loving is this fun line of printed sleepwear—specifically, the multi-blue print! It reminds us of being on a resort vacation with slow mornings, multiple cups of coffee, and nothing planned for the day besides sun and fun (take us there now!). The elastic waistband makes these PJs both forgiving and incredibly comfortable.

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Ekouaer V-Neck Sleepwear Pajama Dress

If a set isn’t your thing, consider a short-sleeve nightgown like this cute piece by Ekouaer. This is no uncomfortable neglige—it’s a boyfriend-fit nightgown, making its fit and shape forgiving and flattering at the same time. Plus, the button front is ideal for breastfeeding mamas! We love the grey color, but you can’t go wrong with this sleep dress in any color. 

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Amorbella Button Down Nightshirt

This classic nightshirt is another wonderful option for feeling put together when it’s time for bed. Not only is it flirty and modern, but the bamboo fabric makes it incredibly comfortable to wear, even if you’re a tosser and turner! The buttons provide easy access for breastfeeding, and it’s available in a variety of cute colors at a great price.

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Fuzzy Socks

There are two types of people: those who sleep with socks and those who do not, and I am in the fuzzy-socks-to-bed group! Besides being an instant relief for cold feet, sleeping with socks on actually provides so many benefits for our feet: prevents hot flashes, improves cracked heels (apply moisturizer, seal it in with socks overnight!), increases potential orgasms (sign us up), and decreases the chance of our feet or toes losing circulation mid-sleep (AKA Raynaud’s attack). To read more about all the benefits of sleeping with socks, check out this article and treat yourself a three-pack of these! 

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Metagenics - MetaRelax, 30 Count

There are tons of medicinal sleep aids to consider, which can be overwhelming. You’re already stressed about what little sleep you’re getting—the last thing you need is the added stressor of choosing the right sleep aid! This Magnesium-based powder blend is gluten free, vegetarian, and offers a lovely orange citrus flavor that’s easy to digest. Simply mix MetaRelax into a nightly glass of water and drink before bedtime to encourage a restful night’s sleep.

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Traditional Medicinals Organic Nighty Night Sleep

If a glass of water doesn’t sound appealing before bed, try sipping on Nighty Night tea. This particular kind is made with passionflower, which is known to soothe the nervous system and aid in relieving sleepiness. This particular passionflower is sustainably sourced and grown in a village in Italy. The flavor notes are minty and sweet with a touch of citrus and spice and should be consumed 30 minutes before bedtime for the best results.  

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CBD Oil For Sleep by Lux Beauty Club

An incredibly popular sleep aid that many swears by, is this CBD Oil by Lux Beauty Club. This particular formula is made of CBD, CBN, melatonin and valerian root, all of which promote falling asleep, staying asleep, and not waking up with that less-than-spectacular groggy feeling. Plus, this oil can be used as either a sleep aid or sedative for anxiety. Bonus endorsement: Adam Glassman, O Magazine’s Creative Director, swears by this product and we know Oprah can do no wrong!

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Relax- Lavender Pillow Spray, Lavender

Your senses play a huge role in restful sleep whether you realize it or not. Something as simple as this lavender-chamomile pillow spray can do wonders to relax your mind and body as soon as your head hits the pillow. In fact, studies show that inhaling the same scent every night creates a positive association between that particular scent and sleep. Consider trying this 100% natural lavender-chamomile pillow spray to create a spa-like atmosphere when it’s time for bed.

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White Noise Machine

We all want to sleep in total peace and quiet, but sometimes that quiet is LOUD. If you need something more than the subtle whirl of the ceiling fan or if the fan just flat out makes you cold, consider grabbing a white noise machine to set by your bedside for an added layer of the soothing ambient sound of rushing air. This particular white noise machine has two speed settings, making it customizable to your sleeping style. If your little one is also struggling with restful sleep, this little machine will do wonders to drown out unwanted noise and soothe them to sleep. 

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Wake Up Light

We’ve heard it again and again: Screentime in bed is wildly detrimental to your sleep. If you’re attempting to stay off your phone at night by keeping it in another room entirely, this Wake Up Light by TITIROBA is a wonderful alternative for being woken up gently in the morning. This gorgeous light/clock combo works to slowly bring you out of a deep sleep by providing various levels of light over time throughout the morning. It also features a snooze button, an FM radio clock, and seven different soothing alarm clock sounds to choose from.  

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Honeywell Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Every bedroom needs a humidifier. The main function of humidifiers is to add cool moisture to dry air, which creates a more breathable and therefore relaxing environment in any room (imperative for those with allergies or when feeling under the weather!). This one by Honeywell is a fan favorite with over 6.5k reviews and 4 stars on Amazon! Get one for your own bedroom or even for your little one’s to improve your breathing comfort, sleeping, nasal congestion, and dry skin.

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Brooklinen Mulberry Silk Eye Mask (shut out the light)

If you’re extra sensitive to any sort of light creeping into the bedroom as you sleep, consider treating your eyes to a sleep mask. Not just any sleep mask, though—this 100% silk sleep mask from Brooklinen. You’ve heard of sleeping on silk pillowcases to prevent those gnarly sleep lines on your face and keep your tendrils tame overnight. This silk sleep mask does the same in protecting the extremely fragile skin around your eyes from being pulled throughout the night and creating wrinkles. Not only that, but silk is naturally hypoallergenic and less absorbent, helping your skin retain moisture throughout your beauty sleep. So many benefits for a peaceful night’s rest!

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Brand new set of white organic bed sheets

Hotel bed sheets are almost always white for a reason. Sure, white is neutral and goes with just about any sort of decor, but white is also naturally one of the most soothing, zen colors to surround yourself with. White often represents a clean slate, calm, and relaxation. That’s why we love these 100% organic cotton white bed sheets available on Amazon. The 500 thread count makes them impossibly soft so you sink right in and may not be able to get out! Even better? These sheets are deep fit, so will fit most beds.

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