Glam - July 9, 2018

Five Easy Hairstyles For Summer

Summer has gone from zero to 100 real quick.

Heatwaves are in full effect and humidity is out to wreak havoc, so there’s no reason to spend too much time dealing with our hair.

Especially since once we’re outside we might as well queue the theme song to the “Lion King.”

Instead of working OT to tame your locks, we reached out to celebrity hairstylist Shaylin Jones, to whip up five easy, breezy but effortlessly chic summertime hairstyles.

These looks accommodate curls, waves or straight texture. They’ll get that hair off your face, they’ll stay put and they can easily transition with you from day to night.

Simply Scrunchie

It’s baaaaaack, and women are more excited than you think! Sorry, Carrie Bradshaw.

What was once resting in our bathroom drawers and hidden in the glove compartments of our cars is now free at last. Thank you, Balenciaga!! Not only is it gentler on your hair, but it’s also summer’s most fashionable hair accessory. Match it to your outfit or pick a color that completely clashes to make a statement. The ever-practical 90’s scrunchie is here for the win, don’t leave home without one!

Get the look:

If needed, quickly curl or wave large sections of your hair to add texture. If you’re naturally curly then YAY! One less step for you.

  • Pull hair back into a ponytail.
  • Wrap your scrunchie twice to secure.
  • Loosen hair in the crown with your fingers by pulling slightly from the base.

Put A Bow On It

Add a feminine, delicate touch by tying a bow over a low, sporty ponytail. We saw quite a few bows hit the red carpet during award season earlier this year and just a week or two ago Victoria Beckham was spotted sporting this look.

Get the look:

  • Use a styling product and smooth hair back with a brush.
  • Wrap hair taut with a thin elastic ponytail holder.
  • Grab a piece of faux leather cording or thin ribbon (this can be found at your local fabric store, or you might have something laying around at home).
  • Tie the cording around the base of the pony and make a bow!

Wear Your Own Crown

This style is a romantic remix to the half-up, half-down look. It’s perfect for when you still want to have your hair out but not in your face.

Get the look:

  • Use your natural texture, yesterday’s curls or quickly curl large sections of your hair to create texture.
  • Section off the front of your hair from ear to ear.
  • Split that section into two by parting down the middle or on the side.
  • Braid both of the front sections into two braids.
  • Pull both braids back and secure with small thin elastic where they meet.
  • Cover that elastic band by grabbing a small section of your own hair and wrapping it around, then tuck the ends into that same elastic band.

Upgrade Your Braid

Nothing says cool, calm and collected better than a braid. No need to get fancy, the secret to upgrading a simple braid is accessorizing with a beautiful summery headwrap.

Get the look:

  • Pull headband or wrap over your head and wear it around your neck while you work, this way you don’t disturb your style later.
  • Use a styling product and smooth hair back with a brush.
  • Gather hair at the nape of your neck, make a large braid all the way to the ends and seal with a thin elastic band.
  • Slide headwrap up and over the hairline.

Wrap It Up

Chanel, Lanvin and Ulla Johnson all showcased wrapped, slick-straight ponytails at their S/S 18 shows. It’s a chic new way to show off a colorful silk scarf or a traditional bandana.

Get the look:

  • Use a styling product to smooth hair back into a pony at the nape of the neck.
  • Secure with a large elastic band.
  • Tuck the corner of a colorful scarf under a piece of the elastic holding your pony.
  • Now that the scarf is attached to the base of your pony, wrap it around tightly, down the length of your pony until there is no more fabric.
  • Secure the end by sliding a “no slip” bobby pin (or 2) up the backside of the pony.

Shaylin Jones can be found working her magic at RA Hair House. She is a firm believer that beauty is freedom, beauty is peace and that beauty is about self awareness and self discovery.

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