Live - March 24, 2020

7 Guided Meditations to Help You Stay Grounded from Home

Whether it’s working from home or practicing social distancing, the lack of typical structure and routine may have some feeling off. One way to get centered and grounded is by introducing a meditation practice to your day. A 2015 article published by Forbes cited several studies that revealed the benefits of meditating, including more grey matter (preservation) volume in the brain, decreased mind wandering, depression, anxiety, and stress, and increased ability to concentrate and pay attention. 

Meditation doesn’t have to look like hours spent in silence—even five minutes can help most people reset. To try a guided meditation at home, check out these seven channels, which offer free videos, anytime. 


Got your sights on something specific? Dauchy taps into the power of manifestation to help you reach your goals, let go of something which no longer serves, or retrain your brain to think positively, even while you sleep. Check out any of the hundreds of free videos, from affirmations, the Law of Attraction, and guided meditations for love, sleep, prosperity, and more (hot tip: the 30-day manifest challenge is incredible!) 


Kim Carmen Walsh

A professional hypnotherapist and counselor, Kim Carmen Walsh’s channel features free videos to help you relax through hypnosis, ASMR, and natural and instrumental sound therapy. Additionally, her hypnotherapy sessions can address specific health issues, like quitting smoking and beating insomnia.  


Ear Monk Sonic Meditation

If meditative music is more your speed, Ear Monk Sonic Meditation offers binaural beats and isochronic tones in addition to guided meditations centered around transcendence, like astral projection and lucid dreaming instructions.


New Horizon

Meditation doesn’t just benefit adults. A 2013 study showed that five weeks of “mindfulness-based curriculum” revealed improvement in behaviors like paying attention, caring for classmates, and self-control by elementary school-aged participants. If you’re home with the kids and could all use a few minutes to get centered, New Horizon offers dozens of videos for children, including guided meditations focusing on sleep and relaxation. 


Jody Whiteley

With an eerie, almost robotic voice, Jody Whiteley offers hundreds of guided meditations for anyone looking for an extended experience that can be genuinely effective for some people. On her channel, Whiteley shares typical meditation topics, like welcoming sleep, easing anxiety, and building self-confidence, along with hypnotic bedtime stories, white noise, and subliminal sleep messages. 


Master Sri Akarshana

For something quick and straightforward, Master Sri Akarshana offers several guided meditations around or under 20 minutes, complete with breathing techniques, chakra balancing, and other tricks for getting grounded.  


Michael Sealey

For help healing, building a routine, or getting your mindset in a positive place, Michael Sealey has created hundreds of videos that run from about 40 minutes to one hour—not looking to spend that much time in meditation? His channel features a playlist filled with short videos perfect for AM listening to start your day, as well as personal affirmations, and Law of Attraction meditations designed to promote abundance and well-being. 

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