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The Best Natural Oral Care Products

You’ve read about why you should detox your oral care routine, but now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty—which natural dental hygiene products are best? Below, we share some of our favorites.

Best BPA-Free Toothbrushes

These days, it’s easy to find biodegradable and BPA-free toothbrushes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean these toothbrushes are good. Avoid no-name brands on Amazon and always choose a soft-bristled brush. (Yes, your teeth might feel cleaner with firmer bristles, but over time, they can cause your gums to recede!)


Best Natural Toothpastes

Just like with toothbrushes, there are plenty of options when it comes to natural toothpastes, but some are better than others. Steer clear of abrasives like charcoal, which are added to whiten teeth, but can erode tooth enamel with overuse. The natural toothpastes below are free of sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial dyes and colors, and parabens.

Best Natural Mouthwash

The best natural mouthwashes are made without alcohol, which can cause dry mouth and may be linked to a higher risk of oral cancer. The options below are also made without parabens, artificial colors, and artificial flavors.

Best PFAS-Free Dental Floss

If you’re shopping for eco-friendly dental floss, look for a product that’s biodegradable and made without PFAS, the same chemical that gives non-stick cookware its slipperiness. Another option is to ditch the dental floss altogether and use a water flosser instead.


More Natural Oral Care Products to Try

Here are a few more natural oral hygiene products to add to your routine.

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