Hidden - December 28, 2018

New Year, New Kitchen!

With a new baby on the way, we’re going to have to make a lot of adjustments to both our Venice Beach home and our New York City apartment, so I hope you guys are ready for another renovation journey with the Vasi-Mandlers.

We are starting 2019 strong! Our first major project of the year is going to be our New York City kitchen, which I’m super psyched about. In retrospect, this apartment is brand new, it was only built five years ago and has had only one previous owner. The appliances however just felt old and outdated. The kitchen snob in me wanted my zen den to feel new and fresh. So when Café Appliances approached me with their high performance, customizable appliances and invited me to become a part of their Café Collective, I jumped at the opportunity.

You might remember when I left for my first real work trip and headed to Louisville for a brand immersion experience with Café Appliances. Not going to lie, I was pretty anxious leaving my little girl behind but hubby did great (just as all of you suggested he would) and I had a blast attending a two-day, jam-packed event. As part of the Café Collective, I also met some incredible women, and we had the chance to design our dream kitchen appliances.

We started our trip with a factory visit, and I have to tell you it was pretty impressive and inspiring to see how much heart and pride is part of the appliance making process. It’s also pretty mind-blowing that they can create product in the matter of a moment, a refrigerator door made in seven minutes, for example. How crazy is that?


We went on to take part in a bunch of other enjoyable activities like 3D Pinterest board making, jewelry making, and succulent wreath making. The entire trip was about creatively expressing ourselves, personalization, and making design choices that would reflect our style. Everything that Café Appliances are about.

I’m the type of person who needs to see and touch things physically to make those big decisions that need to be made when you’re renovating or designing your home, so these hands-on activities helped me make choices. I went there thinking I was going to pick the Brushed Copper hardware but ended up choosing the Brushed Black hardware (on Matte White appliances.). Here’s the best thing about these pieces though, all the hardware is interchangeable. So if I want to go for the Brushed Copper in a few months, I can make a swap.

I look forward to unveiling our new kitchen look with you all very soon! Stay tuned.

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