Glam - September 7, 2018

The Perfect Solution to Dry, Chapped Lips

When it comes to hydrating masks and exfoliation, most people think about their face and body, but what about their lips?

For someone like me who rocks a matte red lipstick daily, keeping a lip routine is essential. For others, the lips similar to the neck and can easily be forgotten.

Think about it though, your lips are always exposed. Elements like the sun, wind, dry or cold air all can cause flaky, chapped lips. How are you offsetting it all? Are you drinking extra water? Are you using lip products with SPF?

Dehydration, lack of protection or a combination of both, are contributors to premature aging lips. Keeping you from the perfect luscious pout you really want.

Here’s why…

Lips dry out more frequently than anywhere else on your body simply because the skin on your lips is extremely thin. As we get older, that already thin skin continues to get thinner due to the production of collagen slowing down.

You also need to take into account that the lips have very little melanin, the protective pigment that helps block ultraviolet rays, making them more susceptible to sun damage. When you factor it all in, it’s no wonder the lips are one of the first telltale signs of age.

So what does a lip routine look like? For me, the most essential steps are exfoliation, hydration and protection. Focusing on these three things helps to keep my lips soft and supple. It also ensures a perfect lipstick application each and every time. Removing the dead skin through exfoliation is especially necessary when working with a matte lipstick.

So how can you incorporate a lip routine into your life? Below you can find two recipes, one for a lip scrub so you slough off dead skin without drying your lips out. The other is for a lip mask that’s going to add a healthy dose of hydration. What I love about DIY projects like this one is that you know what’s in the product because you made it yourself. Another bonus is that both of these lip treatments are made from ingredients you probably already have hanging around the kitchen and those ingredients are safe enough to eat, making these 100% non-toxic.

I like to exfoliate with the Brown Sugar Coco Lip Scrub every few days especially during the winter months and I leave the Avocado Honey Lip Mask on for a minimum of 15 minutes, but some nights I just sleep in it.

Brown Sugar Coco Lip Scrub

1 Tbs brown sugar

1 tsp coconut oil

1 tsp vitamin E oil

Mix all three ingredients together and use your finger or a soft bristle toothbrush to scrub your lips for five minutes before washing or eating off.


Avocado Honey Lip Mask

2 tsp mashed avocado

1 tsp honey

Mix both ingredients together well and then use your finger to apply a heavy layer all over the lips. Feel free to work outside of your lip line.

FYI… There’s a difference between chapped lips and lips that are broken-skinned.  If your skin is actually broken you should not exfoliate until the skin is healed but you can use the lip mask to help assist in the healing process.

Last but not least, never leave home unprotected. Remember to apply some sort of SPF lip treatment to your lips before you head out. There are quite a few lipsticks and lip glosses that are infused with SPF or you could use an SPF chapstick over your regular lippy. Y’all already know —anything on the lips should be non-toxic.

Not only does a lip routine ensure a perfect lipstick application every time but it also helps in maintaining a youthful soft pout.

So stop leaving your lips out of the party and start showing them some TLC too.

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