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What I Bought On Amazon Last Week

What would I do without Amazon? It’s a question I’ve asked myself almost daily since becoming a mom. Even before COVID-19, Amazon has come to this mama’s rescue more times than I can count. With shelter in place mandates across the world, using it as a lifeline to get the essentials I need (and quickly) has never been more crucial. 

From cleaning products and underwear to everything in between, I’m sharing the ten, clean and environmentally-friendly items I purchased from Amazon last week.

Magnetic School Calendar

I’ll admit—I let the first few weeks of quarantine be a free-for-all, but now that I know there are no classes for the rest of the school year, I’m creating a routine that incorporates more educational activities and school work. A great way to start the day is with a calendar. This one is a perfect choice to get your little one involved and interested in the days, weeks, months, etc. It’s also an excellent way to teach them about time—now versus then, past versus present, and so on. Plus, I love that you can hang this up, so it’s always visible for my daughter to see and interact with.

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Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bags

I can never have too many of these bags! Not only are they fantastic for packing snacks, but now more than ever, I need them to store meal prep items and leftovers! These Stasher bags are 100% pure, non-toxic platinum silicone, and, unlike traditional plastic bags, these do not contain BPA, PVC, or latex. Not only that, but they come in so many fun colors and have a pinch-lock seal that keeps your food air-tight protected. They might cost more than a box of Ziploc bags, but their health and environmental benefits far outweigh the cost!

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Clean Non-Toxic Toothpaste for My Little

Dr. Brite toothpaste is one of the cleanest kinds of toothpaste for children, so I feel great having my little one use it. It’s fluoride-free, made of a vegan blend of non-acidic Vitamin C and antioxidants, and is safe to swallow! This bright packaging will be an instant hit with your kids, and the Mint Chip flavor will seal the deal.

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Organic Undies for Lennox Mae

Not only better for the environment, but organic undies are also better for your little one’s health. Before cotton is turned into fabric, the crop is treated with several toxic chemicals, including herbicides and pesticides. There can also be other hidden chemicals in traditional cotton underwear. If you can, organic cotton undergarments are a great way to reduce your child’s potential exposure to chemicals and also a great way to practice sustainability

We love these cute underwear packs from Lucky & Me. The prints are fun, and the best part? 100% certified organic cotton! 

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Organic Wool Dryer Balls

Fabric softener and dryer sheets are not only single-use wasteful, but they’re also both toxic. This Pure Living Space article reports that “Many dryer sheets contain chemicals that can trigger asthma and disrupt hormones,” and this Natural Life Magazine post stated that “There is a mind-boggling list of dangerous petrochemicals in these products, many of them used in untested combinations.” All that said, I stay far away from both and do so by using these fantastic organic, wool dryer balls!

The dog thinks they’re for fetch, so I needed to order a few to replace the ones that have ended up in my yard. I have both the white and black versions (the black is important as it helps keep white lint off black clothing—a huge pet peeve!) and can’t recommend them enough as a safe, clean alternative. They also help speed up the time it takes for clothing to dry, which means less electricity used in each session.

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Tweezerman Eyebrow Tweezers

Tweezerman has been around forever for a reason—they’re the best when it comes to tweaking and tweezing your brows, and boy do mine need it right now! I’m desperately missing my eyebrow appointments, but these tweezers are helping to keep these damn brows as tame as I can on my own!

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Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Soap

Dr. Bronner’s is my answer to non-toxic cleaning, and believe me when I say I use it on everything: to wash produce, the floors, in the shower as body wash, and in a bath with the kids! Every Dr. Bronner soap is 90% organic, fully biodegradable, and uses all-natural, vegan ingredients. I highly recommend buying the 1-gallon bottle (most cost-efficient) and, depending on how often you use it and how much you dilute each use, you probably won’t have to buy a new for several months, maybe even a year. This soap is an Amazon essential.

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Canvas Tote

When I have to venture out for groceries or other essentials during quarantine, I’ll be sure to bring this canvas tote from BAGGU. Having this saves any use of plastic or paper bags at checkout, and this particular canvas tote is spacious enough to fit the few essentials I need.

To keep the bag clean and free of germs, toss it in the washing machine and line dry.

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Parchment Baking Paper

It goes without saying that the cooking and baking going on in this household has increased tenfold since we’ve been staying home. A few years ago, I learned that while some aluminum consumption in your diet is inevitable, cooking with aluminum can cause unnecessary and possibly harmful level increases via your food. Since then, I’ve been roasting and baking with If You Care parchment paper. All of their products are made from unbleached, chlorine-free paper, and, in my opinion, make veggies and cookies taste that much better!

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Closet Organization

One thing we can’t escape, especially now that we’re home 24/7 is spring cleaning and organizing. I love these velvet hangers and have them in every closet in the house! They’re extra thin, which maximizes space in your closet. Plus, the notched shoulders prevent anything from slipping off and falling. I got a pack of the hot pink ones for my little girl to brighten up her closet. This is an Amazon must have.

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