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How to Take Your Skincare Routine on the Road

For many of us, this summer will be the first time we’ve traveled since the pandemic started—and anytime you travel, it can knock you off of your skincare game. We may be on the road or in the air for hours, only to spend the next few days in a bathroom that isn’t our own, which can make it tough to treat our skin the way we usually do. The good news? It certainly isn’t impossible to take care of your skin on the road, it just takes a little bit of planning and dedication.

Stick to the Basics

Treating ourselves to a skincare treat every so often is something we all deserve, but indulging on the road may not be the best idea for a number of reasons. New products can sometimes come with unwanted side effects like breakouts, or they may just be a new, extra step to stay on top of when you’re already out of your element.

Instead, try sticking with as few products as you can get away with using, which will increase your chances of remembering to apply them every day. Common skincare staples include cleanser, serum, moisturizer, and SPF. What are some steps that derms recommend skipping if necessary? Essence and toner tend to be take it or leave it items for many people, as are high-end moisturizers according to a recent Huffington Post roundup.

Pack Light with Travel Sizes

This one is a pretty basic, no-brainer of a tip, but converting your skincare routine to smaller, travel-friendly sizes will not only save space in your luggage, but it can make skincare on-the-go easier for anyone who does need to treat their skin to that 10-step routine every night.

Packing your skincare in a TSA approved toiletry bag or silicone Stasher bag can help you keep what you bring along to a manageable amount, and will make searching for specific items easy and accessible. If you can’t find travel-size bottles of your staple products, buy reusable bottles and fill them up with just enough product to get you through your trip.

Pack for the Climate You’re Headed To

The dry air of a mountain retreat will require different skincare solutions than a humid beach vacation, so regardless of where you’re coming from, do your best to pack what you’ll need when you get there. This can save you from spending on full-sized items you may not be able to fly with, or compromising by reaching for items made with irritating ingredients that might leave your skin looking and feeling worse.

Carry an Extra Pillow Case

Most people like to blame oily skin for their acne, but that’s only half the story. Acne symptoms, like pimples, are caused by a bacteria called p. Acnes, which forms within a clogged pores. How does it form? When excess oil and debris, like dead skin cells, meet within the pore and combine to create said bacteria, according to the Mayo Clinic. The presence of this bacteria then triggers an inflammatory response from the body, often resulting in breakouts.

These dead skin cells can build up on pillowcases and towels, so keeping fresh options to switch out halfway through your trip will give your pores their best chance at remaining clog-free.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Whether you’re traveling by plane, car, or train, chances are the mode of transportation you’re using is going to be more dry that what your skin is typically used to. By carrying a reusable water bottle with you, you’ll be sure to get your daily recommended amount of water at zero cost, while reducing waste. If you’re looking for additional ways to hydrate on the road, fruits and vegetables are packed with water, not to mention vitamins and minerals that can help keep your body, including your skin, healthy.

Skincare is part of self-care, so if you have a favorite item that you know makes you look and feel better, or may even make you more inclined to partake in a bedtime ritual, then by all means, bring that with you. When considering your routine on the road, it’s all about making skincare easy, accessable, and something you won’t feel like skipping, which will keep your skin happy, healthy, and looking great.

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