- May 16, 2022

10 Experiences to Gift This Season

These are the best Experiences to Gift. Funny enough, some of the best presents we’ve ever received weren’t gifts that needed to be unwrapped at all. In fact, quite often, they’ve been something intangible. Something that lifts our spirits, teaches us something new, or gives us a reprieve from the daily drudgery of morning drop-offs, work emails, and dirty dishes. 

Gifting your loved ones with an experience can be a great option, especially for those trying to cut down on clutter, those with kids, or those and who are strapped for time. Offering them an excuse to go out on a fancy date night, spend an afternoon at the spa, or getaway for the weekend gives them something to look forward to. And that can make all the difference when they’re facing a long winter.

Keep scrolling for ten of our favorite experiences to gift your friends and family this holiday season.  

Airbnb gift card

This season, encourage someone in your life to make their imaginary vacation a reality with an Airbnb gift card, which will allow them to find a destination of their choice at a time that suits them while someone else foots the bill. It’s the best of both worlds! 


Tickets to a show

The next time you hear about a great act coming to town, whether it’s a touring musical, ballet, or pop concert, consider snapping up two tickets for that friend or family member of yours who loves nothing more than losing themselves in their favorite song or a great story. Bonus tip: If you’re gifting to parents, offer to watch their little ones while they enjoy their night on the town so childcare doesn’t become a stress point.


Restaurant gift card

When it comes to your friend who loves to wine and dine, look no further than a restaurant gift card for their holiday gift this season. There’s nothing quite like sitting down to a great meal without a care in the world, and they’ll be delighted to order a glass of wine and an appetizer without the lingering stress of footing the bill at the end of the evening. Plus, this is a great way to encourage a busy couple to treat themselves to a much-needed date night.


Massage certificate

So few of us would dare to spend the time and money on a day at the spa for ourselves, so this is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Dedicated time to relax and recharge ultimately makes us better in all aspects of life and is the perfect way to treat the busy bee on your list.

Winery Tour

Good news: Napa isn’t the only place to taste wine. While a local winery might not have quite as much fanfare as the vineyards in Central California, it can still act as the perfect day trip to a serene setting, a chance to learn something new, and an opportunity to do something outside your comfort zone on a day off. Research wine tastings and tours in your area for the person who never stops talking about the latest pinot noir they indulged in. 


Cooking classes

A cooking class is a great way to treat your loved ones to an adventurous night out. Not only will they learn a new skill, but they’ll get to eat delicious food-—a total win in our book. Doing a little extra research to find the perfect class can go along way. Try booking pasta making for the friend who dreams of going to Italy or a French cooking class for the one who loves all things Parisian. 


A night out at a comedy club

This is an especially great experience for someone in your life who’s currently dealing with heavy burdens and rarely gets the chance to rest their mind or go off-duty from caring for others. An evening dedicated to joy and laughter is a great reminder of fun and encourages them to let loose, even if only for an hour or two.


A Staycation

Perhaps your loved one can’t get away for a “real” vacation, but you still want to treat them to a rejuvenating weekend. The staycation is your saving grace. Try planning a day of tourist activities—architecture tours, art galleries, and museums—and book a luxurious boutique hotel for a night or two. They’ll completely forget that they’re only a few minutes from home. 

Cleaning services

If you’ve got a family member that you know is constantly scrambling to hold it all together (I mean, we might be that family member actually…), there’s no more thoughtful gift than proactively taking something off their plate. Gifting monthly cleaning services frees up time and energy for them to focus elsewhere, and while practical, it will really feel like the ultimate luxury. Many cleaning companies offer the option for a gift voucher, so research your local services to find the perfect fit. 


Wine club membership

Sometimes dinner out or a trip to that new wine bar just isn’t in the cards, but it’s still nice to have downtime at home. A wine club membership will deliver curated wines to your friends and family’s door, making that bottle on a Friday night with Moana playing in the background feel just a touch more elegant and special. There’s a variety of companies and price points to choose from, making this a great experience to gift even if you’re on a budget. 

There’s certainly a time and place for gifting items that your friends and family might want or need, but if you’re feeling stumped with buying this year, we hope we’ve shed some light on the power of giving a thoughtful experience instead. We promise they won’t even miss having presents under the tree. 

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