Nurture - April 16, 2019

10 Things I’m Focused On During My Last 10 Weeks Of Pregnancy

I almost can’t believe it, but in about ten weeks or so I’m going to become a mama of two! It recently dawned on me that I haven’t done so many of the (frivolous) things I did my first pregnancy. Yes, I’m much busier now than I was the first time around, but because I’ve done this once before, I know I don’t need to go out and shop for 32 swaddles, four different baby carriers, and seven crib sheet changes. In fact, I’ve only bought two new baby outfits so far, and I have yet to decide on which baby stroller to purchase. Clearly, there are things I’ll need to get to ASAP like putting the nursery area together. More importantly though, I know that over the next ten weeks I need to be intentional about the things I’m doing and how I spend my time, because let’s be frank, once baby number two comes, sh*t’s going to get real. Quick!

Here’s my list of ten things I’m focusing on during the last ten weeks of pregnancy.


Scheduling “Me-Time”

I know there’s going to be very little “me-time” soon, which is why this is a real necessity for me over the next ten weeks. Scheduling in the time to pause ensures I’m prioritizing myself.


Spending Time With My First Born

Spending time with my daughter has been important to me during this pregnancy. Mommy-daughter lunch and dinner dates. Special trips to special places. Endless cuddles, reading on the couch and lots of sleeping with mama while hubby’s been out of town. The next ten weeks will be no different. I plan to hog as much alone time with my little girl as possible.


I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit during my pregnancy. We took fun trips to Europe and Mexico City this winter, we went back to New York several times, and we just finished babymooning in Los Cabos. Before baby number two comes, I’d love to squeeze in one more weekend getaway for just the three of us.


Catching Up With My Girls

Whether it’s in person or a date via FaceTime, over the next few weeks, I’m scheduling catch-up time with my girls. Who knows how long it will be before I see them again. Especially my single girlfriends that have no kids!


Setting Up Doctor’s Appointments

I’ve scheduled appointments so that everyone in the family has their yearly general check-ups, gets to the dentist, and sees any specialists we usually visit.


Handling Work Responsibilities In Advance

I plan to observe 40 days at home following the birth of baby number two. I remember what a shift having my daughter was, and I can only imagine how incredibly challenging this next phase will be. Being able to take time off without worrying about my work responsibilities is going to help alleviate some pressure. I’m shooting and writing as much content as possible now, this way I can focus on cuddles in bed with both kids.

Getting My Office “Baby Ready”

Speaking of work—I’m creating a small area for baby to rest and I’ll be baby-proofing my workspace. Making sure there’s an area dedicated to my little one now, means that I’ll have less to do later when it’s time to transition back to work.


Spending Time With Hubby

My husband has been traveling for work a lot the past few months, so I’m genuinely looking forward to him completing his last away-from-home assignment. I know that with the arrival of our newest family member that we’re about to adopt a “divide and conquer” mentality, so coming together and reconnecting these last few weeks is a big priority for me.


Bringing In Support

It’s finally time to expand our support system. There’s no way I can do it all, realistically if I want to be my best version of a mother, a wife, and a boss I need to bring in more help.


Gentle Movement & Breathwork

Making sure I engage in gentle movements like walking and yoga is very important as I get closer to delivery. There’s a difference between running errands and going for a walk that leads nowhere. Slow movement combined with breathwork that is intentional and mindful is powerful. These are practices I will rely on to keep me grounded and relaxed during labor.



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