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Here’s How to Put Together a Greener Easter Basket for Kids

Whether you’re a minimalist mama or just totally committed to a zero waste lifestyle, holidays like Easter may fill you with a sense of dread—because they usually fill your home with things you don’t want or need. Well-meaning grandparents put together overflowing Easter baskets full of cheap plastic toys your kids play with exactly once, but never ever ever let you throw away. Then there’s the Easter grass, the baskets that you can’t bring yourself to toss out but take up an obscene amount of space to store, and the piles of candy. (Thank you, my 2-year-old definitely needed this 12-inch tall solid chocolate bunny.)

Let’s face it: grandparents are always going to go for quantity over quality and they’re always going to opt for that giant chocolate bunny instead of the fair trade jelly beans made from cold pressed organic fruit juice. Luckily, you’re in charge of what the Easter Bunny gifts your little ones and it’s your chance to make sustainable choices that minimize your family’s environmental impact. Here are some quick tips:


  • Instead of a traditional Easter basket, use a basket that can be repurposed, a storage bin, or a fun tote bag to make a greener easter basket.
  • Skip the Easter grass. Seriously, who needs it?! You’ll also save yourself from cleaning up little pieces of plastic or paper off the floor for the next several weeks, which is why a greener Easter basket is a great option.
  • Don’t limit yourself to Easter-themed toys and books. Buy things your kids will use and appreciate year-round.
  • Seek out heirloom quality toys, which can be handed down to siblings, cousins, friends, and neighbors. Plastic toys don’t have a long lifespan and when plastic is thrown out, it just sits in the landfill for decades without breaking down.
  • Quality over quantity! Choose one high-quality toy and a book rather than a bunch of little toys to minimize waste and keep your home from being overrun with toys.


Below, we share some of our favorite sustainable Easter basket picks for kids.

The Builder

Do you have a kid who loves to build things? These picks will keep them busy for hours.

Eco-Bricks Blocks

Eco-Bricks are made from sustainable bamboo for a plastic-free spin on everyone’s favorite building blocks.

Shop Here

Once-Kids Playhard Hero Factory

Who needs store-bought action figures when you can make your own superheroes?!

Shop Here

Play Toys Gears & Puzzles

Encourage your child to use their planning and reasoning skills with this set of gears and puzzle pieces.

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Tegu Jet Plane

The perfect little set of blocks for long car rides and waiting rooms—or the perfect addition to a big Tegu collection.

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The Budding Picasso

Your little artist will have no shortage of inspiration when they’re well-stocked with these art supplies.

Moon Picnic Make a Face

Kids will love getting silly and making faces with this set, but what they won’t realize is that it’s also great for their emotional and social development.

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Arts and Crafts Supply Library

This epic set of art supplies is a must-have for keeping creative kids busy on rainy days.

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Birds of a Feather Paint By Number

Paint by number might feel like a throwback, but we consider it a classic—especially with this modern design.

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Chroma Blends Watercolor Paint

Your kid wants to paint, but you don’t want the mess. Solution? Watercolors!

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Art Play

Just say no to YouTube art tutorials and say yes to this engaging, inspiring art book.

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The Backyard Explorer

These gifts are perfect for any kid who prefers playing in the dirt to playing video games.

Hello Nature: Draw, Collect, Make and Grow

There’s no shortage of nature-inspired fun in this brilliant, beautifully-illustrated activity book.

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Mirus Toys Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly

This lovely little puzzle is the type of toy that can be passed down from one generation to the next.

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Bird Habitat Scatter Garden

This kit has everything you need to attract hummingbirds and songbirds to your backyard.

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Stamp Bugs

For those days when you can’t get outside, these bug stamps will help bring a little bit of nature indoors!

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The New Addition

Here are some of our favorite Easter gifts for babies—and as a bonus, most of these will continue to be used through their toddler years and beyond!

Uncle Goose Blocks

Uncle Goose blocks are an investment piece—one of our editors bought them for her daughter when she was born and they’re still among her favorite toys at age 5!

Shop Here

Alimrose Bobby Floppy Bunny

This sweet floppy bunny is perfect for cuddling up with and toting around the house.

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Dena Eco-Silicone Rainbow

Don’t let its simple appearance fool you—the arcs of this rainbow can be taken apart and used in countless ways for imaginative play.

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Bunny Ring Rattle

Cheengoo rattles are our faves—they’re washable and soft, so your baby won’t hit themselves in the head with them!

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The Bunnies Are Not in Their Beds

If you’re not keen on reading an Easter story in the middle of October, this fun book is Easter-adjacent because: bunnies!

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The Unicorn Aficionado

Unicorns, rainbows, and glitter—oh my! If you’ve got a kid who is enchanted by these things, they’ll be delighted to find any of the gifts below in their Easter basket.

Omy Giant Unicorn Coloring Poster

Hang this poster on the wall and let your unicorn enthusiast spend hours coloring it in.

Shop Here

Twee Unicorn Horn Sidewalk Chalk

This small-batch chalk comes in a rainbow of colors—and there’s even one that’s gold and glittery!

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Land of Dough Over the Rainbow

This rainbow dough is almost too pretty to play with.

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The Magical Unicorn Society Official Handbook

Finally, a complete handbook with all the facts (and fiction) every unicorn fan needs to know.

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The Traditionalist

If you’d rather stick with a more classic take on the greener Easter basket, these gifts fit the bill.

Maileg Large Grey Fluffy Bunny

Maileg stuffed animals are made with love and care, which means that this soft, fluffy bunny will stand the test of time.

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Wooden Egg Shakers

Make some music with these wooden shakers in a rainbow of pastel colors.

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Egg Painting Party Craft Kit

Decorating real eggs is fun, but decorating wooden eggs will give you a keepsake you can enjoy for years to come and will make a great addition to your greener easter basket.

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