Nurture - March 1, 2019

Another Trip Around The Sun

Time is flying so fast. The days turn into nights, the nights turn into weeks and the weeks turn into three months later. For me, it feels like just yesterday was Christmas, and I was sharing our pregnancy announcement with Y’all (click here, if you happened to miss that one.) Anyhow, here we are March 1st, my birthday. I sat down to reflect on all that’s happened for me and realized that this year has honestly been the most challenging year I’ve ever experienced.

In saying that, I don’t want to discount the fact that it’s also been one of the most blessed years of my life because as cliche as it sounds, even the challenges are blessings. All of the tough moments, all the sleepless nights, all the struggling to make the right decisions. The juggling– trying to find the balance between being a hands-on mother, a wife, a boss, running my own business and the responsibility I feel to be present and available to our community has been incredibly overwhelming. But as I ready myself to move into this new chapter (hello, mother of two), I know it’s super important to recognize that I’ve never felt more like I was walking the path I was intended to walk than right now. Even with all of the chaos, the self-doubt and questions, the lessons I’ve learned have been life-changing, so I thought I share the three most important things I learned this year.

You Can’t Make Everyone Happy

One of my favorite internet memes is “You’re not an avocado, you can’t make everyone happy.” It makes me laugh every time. The irony is that (gasp!) not everyone even likes avocados. Seriously though, I’ve spent so many years of my life trying to make everyone else happy and have gone out of my way to make things work even when I knew I would be stretching myself thin. Not this year though! I’ve had so much on my plate that I’ve had no choice but to say “hey, this is what works and when it works for me.” Understanding that you can’t make everyone happy and that it’s not your job to even attempt to do so, is liberating.


Everyone Has An Opinion On What You Do But Who Cares

Whether you ask for it or not, someone’s always got something to say. Criticism can make or break you—if you let it. This year I learned to tune out the noise, stick to my gut, keep my mind focused on my goals and just do me.


If It Scares You… You Will Grow

I looked fear dead in the face more times this year than any year before. Transitioning into a working mother, speaking on my first panel, launching MAED, making my first hire, letting someone go, turning down opportunities that were financially appealing but didn’t quite meet my standards, expecting baby number two… I could go on and on. The truth is every time I feared I couldn’t do something, I did. And each time I got more comfortable being uncomfortable I grew.

I can confidently say I’m proud of myself, what I’ve accomplished and how much I’ve done this year.

I’m so hype for what’s next to come. Stay tuned!!

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