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2022 Eco-Friendly Beach Bag Must-Haves

Beach season is rapidly approaching, and we are here for it. Sunny days, sandy toes, and, of course, the right gear to keep you safe, comfortable, and having fun all summer long. 

This year, more than ever, it’s important to take a few extra precautions to keep you and your family safe at the beach. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our must-have items to stash in your beach tote in 2021. 

These items are all sustainable, eco-friendly products that do their part to keep our planet thriving so we can keep enjoying beautiful beach days forever. 

Sustainable Beach Gear 2021

An eco-friendly sunscreen

First things first, sun protection is an absolute must, even on cloudy days. And not all sunscreens are equal when it comes to protecting you and the planet. Thinksport SPF 50+ has earned the lowest toxicity score from the Environmental Working Group (EWG), which means it’s free of potentially harmful ingredients and chemicals. It’s also water-resistant for swimmers and safe for kids and adults. 

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A full-coverage sun hat

Even with sunscreen on, your face can use the extra layer of coverage from a wide-brimmed sun hat. Opt for a hat with all-around coverage to protect your upper back and shoulders, as well as your face, scalp, and chest. This wide-brimmed sun hat from Cuyana is not only stylish, but it’s also sustainably made from palm fronds by Ecuadorian women using traditional weaving techniques. 

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Healthy beach snacks

Preempt afternoon hunger and skip the highly-processed foods at the snack bar by packing healthier snacks that are just as satisfying. Bonus if you tote them in reusable silicone food storage or recyclable bags. Of course, some foods are certainly more beach-friendly than others. We love:

  • Chickpea salad sandwiches or wraps made with dairy-free yogurt or avocado mayonnaise
  • Homemade granola bars
  • Trail mix with nuts, dried fruit, and crunchy cereal
  • Washed and cut fresh fruit
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Plenty of water

If you’re spending hours at the beach you’re going to need to stay hydrated. Fill a large BPA-free bottle with water and drop in fresh fruit, cucumber slices, herbs, and citrus to infuse extra flavor and nutrients into your beach sipper. 

Try these delicious infused water combinations at the beach this summer:

  • Lemon and rosemary
  • Strawberry, mint, and lemon
  • Cucumber and basil
  • Lime and ginger
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Before eating, keep everyone’s hands clean and germ-free by stashing a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your beach bag. You can make your own sanitizer by combining 2 parts rubbing alcohol with 1 part aloe vera and adding your favorite scented essential oil. Pack it into a miniature glass spray bottle for easy access. 

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A comfortable mask

Just in case, protect yourself with a breathable, comfortable face mask. Look for one that’s adjustable to fit your head and made from sustainable cotton that’s easy to wash and won’t make you sweat.  

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