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Why Blue Beauty is Gaining More Popularity Over Green Beauty

You’ve heard of clean beauty and green beauty, but what about blue beauty? The latter has been increasingly popular in recent years, but what sets it apart? Ahead, we’re breaking down their differences between green beauty and blue beauty, along with the brands that have committed to going blue.

What Is Blue Beauty?

Green beauty is a term attributed to personal care products that are developed using only “naturally derived ingredients,” explains skin care brand, Luxe Botanics. Unlike green beauty, there’s a little bit more to unpack with blue beauty. In 2020, Jeanine Jarnot, blue beauty’s originator and founder of the organization, Beauty Heroes, told Elle UK that blue brands consider how each facet of their products is affecting the environment. Additionally, members of this movement are continuously striving to find how their products can end up in the recycling bin versus adversely affecting the ocean or landing in the garbage can. From product development to disposal, blue beauty products ultimately prioritize the welfare of the environment, most specifically the oceans.

How Does Consuming Personal Care Products Affect Our Oceans?

Unfortunately, many personal care products contain ingredients that are harmful to ocean wildlife. While your shower may be miles away from the Atlantic, the residue from cosmetics travels through the sewage pipes, eventually arriving in the ocean, and then potentially into the stomach of a fish, notes the UK-based non-profit, Marine Safe. The other scenario is when sunscreen from beachgoers finds its way into the depth of the oceans, harming wildlife. Oxybenzone, a chemical commonly found in sunscreens, is one of the most common culprits behind the deaths of marine animals. Wherever you are in the world, the chemicals in personal care products will always find their way into the ocean. 

As with any consumable item, product packaging, such as plastic, also runs the risk of ending up in the ocean and harming birds, fish, and other sea creatures. Blue beauty is committed to finding more ocean-friendly packaging solutions.  

3 Blue Beauty Brands To Follow

The next time you’re making adjustments to your personal care routine, consider the environment and the long-term impact of the products you use. These brands are thinking several steps ahead to ensure their products will not have a negative impact on the environment.


Public Goods

This NYC home goods brand is committed to “making healthier, more informed choices easy and accessible to all.” In fact, Public Goods’ blog provides a short explanation as to why each of its products are sustainable, leaving consumers assured that their products are not harming the environment. From deodorant to facial toner, Public Goods has all your beauty needs covered. 



OSEA—shorthand for Ocean. Sun. Earth. Atmosphere— is not only inspired by the environment, but also consciously sources its ingredients from the earth. The products’ hero ingredient, seaweed, comes from the coast of Patagonia, Chile, and is carefully taken from its waters. We’re most fond of the Ocean Cleanser, which provides the skin with a calm, cooling sensation upon application. 


Ursa Major

A Vermont-based skincare brand, Ursa Major utilizes plant-based technology to create workhorse products for both the face and body. Standouts include the Fantastic Face Wash and 4-In-1 Essential Face Tonic. Using only these two products, your face will be cleansed, toned, and moisturized within a matter of minutes. Talk about keeping it both simple and sustainable. 

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