Glam - February 15, 2019

What I’m Obsessing Over This Week

From a clean beauty brand I can’t stop raving about to a wellness trend I wasn’t sure was worth all the hype (but have to admit I’m digging). Here is this week’s list of things I’m obsessing over!



About a month ago Biossance, a non-toxic, sustainable beauty brand, was kind enough to send me a beautiful gift box of products to start the new year off. For the last four weeks, I have been religiously using these products. One of my particular favorites from the line and a bestseller for the brand is their “Squalane and Vitamin C Rose Oil.” I’m officially obsessed!!! This oil is light enough for me to use twice a day, every day and doesn’t break me out, like other oils. Lightweight and non-greasy, but still full of hydration thanks to the brand’s signature ingredient—100% plant-based Squalane. The Rose Oil also helps my skin feel supple while the Vitamin C component instantly brightens my complexion. On top of actual visible results, I also that the brand is verified by the Environmental Working Group and that the brand is dedicated to helping eradicate malaria through their work with Zagaya, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit.


I did another deep dive into my makeup drawers and got rid of two full baskets of old makeup, lotions, and hair products. If you missed a previous post we did on the dangers of beauty products and expiration dates, click here. It’s important to be sure that the products you are using are within their expected shelf life. Old products could be causing you more harm than you can imagine so make sure you take some time to toss out what’s old every few months.



Celery juice. Oh, celery juice. Last year when this trend popped off, I really thought it would come and go. When it didn’t, I decided to start a community discussion, and to my surprise, most of you jumped on board for MAED’s 30 Day Celery Juice Challenge. #30daysmaed has been such a fun journey to embark on with you guys. I’ve been getting an overwhelmingly positive response from everyone.

I can personally report that I’ve seen inflammation in my skin drastically come down and I have also experienced an energy spike. I was well into my second trimester and still feeling very sluggish. I have to say that I honestly think committing to drinking celery juice every morning is what pulled me out of that funk. If you missed the previous celery juice posts, then you can find them by clicking here, here, and here. It’s not too late to join us in the challenge if you haven’t already and if you are in on the challenge but didn’t receive your journal sheet and Insta-story slide, then be sure to sign up for MAED’s Insider’s newsletter.


This winter has been brutal on my skin overall but my lips have been especially dry and chapped lately. Rather than spend money on products I whip together two easy DIY lip treatments at home. One to exfoliate my lips and the other to hydrate them. I’ve been scrubbing and hydrating daily because I know a trip to New York is coming soon and I don’t want to be caught out there in those frigid east coast temperatures with scaly lips. Plus kissing my hubby and even my little girl with rough lips just isn’t cute. You can find the recipes for these lip treatments by clicking here.


I’ve been putting in the work and experimenting with this facial tool every day. An ancient Chinese massage technique, a Gua Sha is used to move around old stagnant energy. AKA chi. Usually performed on the body, a gentler technique was adapted for the face. This self-massage with a stone tool is believed to firm the face and reduce wrinkles. I need a few more weeks perfecting the method to give y’all an accurate tutorial and my thoughts. I can already say that the process does feel very relaxing. I don’t think it would replace my morning jade rolling practice but I do love adding this face massage to my nightly beauty routine.

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