Nurture - January 25, 2019

I’m A Supermama, Despite The Mom Fails!

I often hear the term Supermom thrown around, especially on Instagram. My own daughter called me a “Supermama” once last year, and if you guessed I whipped my phone out to record her, then you guessed right. I wanted to preserve every ounce of that moment, and I wanted to be able to play it back to myself during the really tough times. That video has been on repeat this week! As mothers, I feel for our own benefit, we need to stop trying to exemplify perfection, so I’ve decided to share with y’all three situations that were utterly imperfect but STILL made me feel like a Supermama this week.


  1. We’ve been beyond late to preschool, arriving nearly at 10 A.M. every morning for the last seven days but we have a blast singing “I Will Survive” at the top of our lungs each day on our way.
  2. Even though I know, I shouldn’t complain! No matter how tired I am, my life is filled by what I like to call “champagne problems. Still, I vented to my three-year-old in the car. “I wish I could explain how I feel to you, Lennox Mae.” Her response? “I know how you feel Mama. I know it’s hard to do everything by yourself.” *Gasp!* I cried the entire 40-minute drive crosstown to ballet.
  3. I’m admittedly not the best when it comes to household chores. I forgot all of her underwear in the dryer overnight so when it was time to get dressed for school there were none in the house. Our laundry room is out back in the garage, it was downpouring that morning, and we were of course late to school. So I partially dress her… in a sweatshirt, jacket, and rain boots. I usher her bottomless booty across the yard to the back in torrential pouring rain. She joyfully stops to jump in the puddles along the way, wetting her entire bottom half. She begged to do it again. Luckily for her, I left her underwear in the dryer AGAIN, and the next day she got to splash across the yard half naked one more time.


Why am I sharing this with you all? Because we need to stop weighing ourselves down with false ideas of how motherhood is supposed to look. The only one single route to being a Supermama is making sure your children are loved, fed and laughing. My little girl won’t ever remember that I totally fudged up and left all her underwear in a dryer two days in a row, but she will never forget the joy of splashing in those puddles. As for me, I will be tired again, in fact in a few months when I’m a mother of two I will be more tired, but I won’t ever remember the exhaustion. Those comforting, validating words from my three-year-old that day in the car though? Those will remain with me forever!

I hope every mama knows and truly believes, despite the mom fails and the emotional breakdowns that we are all Supermamas, day in and day out!

“… you’ll learn to lower your expectations about what you can accomplish in a day. Some days, it will be all you can do to keep baby safe, warm and fed. And that will be enough.” —Unknown

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