Nurture - February 6, 2019

My Fave Things To Do When I Was Single On Valentine’s Day

For some of us gals, Valentine’s Day can be really damn depressing. Whether it’s because you’re single and longing to find love or suffering from a broken heart, not being in a relationship during the oh-so-famous hallmark holiday can get you down. But it shouldn’t. Instead of focusing on the lack of a relationship with another why not shift the day’s focus on your relationship with self. While self-care and self-love should be practiced every day, Valentine’s Day albeit a somewhat cruel holiday can be the perfect day to take some time to show yourself just how much you love and appreciate you.

Here are five ways I loved to spend Valentine’s Day when I was single.

Have A Lazy Day In Bed

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a weekday, so you might have to call out for this one but taking a day off to sleep in late and lounge around in bed is priceless. Throw on some cozy pajamas, make a warm glass of something to drink, put some relaxing tunes on and enjoy a lazy day in bed.

Enjoy A Nice Lunch By Yourself

Heading out to a restaurant for dinner might be hard on V-Day. Trust me. I get it! The sight of couples exchanging goo-goo eyes while trying to enjoy a dining experience by yourself is a tough one. Instead, take yourself out for a special lunch. Enjoy your regular favorite lunch spot or splurge on somewhere fancy you’ve never been before but have always wanted to go (getting a lunch reservation is always easier than dinner.).

Start A New Book

Remember that book you bought that’s been sitting around, dust that puppy off and get to reading. Grab a glass of bubbles and plop down on the couch. Maybe it’s a romance novel that makes you believe in love again or perhaps it’s a motivational book to get you out of that funk. Either way, a good read is a proven way to lift your spirits.

Spa At Home

Create a little at home spa situation and make it as simple or as luxurious as you want. Prepare an at-home face steam, soak your feet, give yourself a mani, massage some oil in your locks or get your mask on. At-home pampering is a pleasurable way to show yourself some love.



Netflix & Chill… With Your Girlfriends

Order in, ask each friend to BYOB and catch a flick with your girls. Nights like these were always my favorite easy way to get together with my girls when I was single. The hardest part? Choosing what to watch. Sometimes we’d pick a movie to cry our hearts out to and sometimes we’d pick something scary. Whichever way you go, a cozy ladies night in is a sure way to have a blast on Valentine’s Day.

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