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My Current Favorite and Most Trusted Beauty Essentials

I won’t tell a lie. I’m an over-packer. Even after bringing in help, I still tend to pack more clothes than I need. I vow to get better at that soon, especially with baby number two coming. The one thing I won’t do, however, is trim down the number of beauty products I take with me when I travel. My hubby doesn’t get it! He thinks, worst case scenario you can just pick up moisturizer or makeup remover on the road, and I guess you can but why ever risk it?!

Personally, I don’t want to walk into a pharmacy or beauty supply store and buy any product off a shelf. There’s no way for me to know if that random product is effective, no way to know if that product will cause me to break out and who knows what ingredients they’re using. Traditional beauty products contain all sorts of dangerous ingredients and chemicals, and I prefer to always have the cleanest products on hand with me when I travel. I thought it would be fun to share with you all my favorite and most trusted beauty essentials when traveling.

I use my jade roller first thing in the morning! This helps wake my face up immediately.

Then I wash my face with Dr. Sturm’s foaming cleanser. You can read more about why I love that product here.

I slap on my eye patches for a minimum of 15 minutes (I prefer to leave them on longer when I’m home). My absolute favorites are not from a non-toxic, clean beauty brand and they’re not cheap (just keeping it real) but they work, and so I use these. Or sometimes I use these.

Next, I apply this brightening serum which gives me a sweet glow and helps even out my skin tone.

Depending on where I am my skin may need some extra hydration so I’ll use my absolute favorite face oil. If I’m in a very humid environment, I won’t need to use it during the day, but I do use it religiously every single night.

Then I apply this “liquid crystal eye serum.” This iridescent mermaid colored product was first introduced to me by dermal clinician, James Vivian. An incredibly hydrating serum that’s great for promoting elasticity in that delicate eye area; which means less fine lines and no crows feet.

Then I moisturize. Lately, I’ve been using this weightless hydrating moisturizer.

We all know the rules… sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Everyday! Even if you’re traveling somewhere cloudy or cold. I love this sunscreen stick because of its compact size. I can carry it in my purse for easy replying. Infused with cocoa-butter, this sunscreen goes on smoothly without leaving an embarrassing white residue.

I keep this spot concealer on hand for when surprise pimples pop up. Besides providing coverage, this stick has salicylic acid which helps get rid of blemishes.

I also bring this raspberry tinted lip treatment along to keep my lips hydrated. I either wear it alone (beach or poolside) or underneath my usual red lippie.

These face wipe packets save space and work magically at removing dirt, grime, and your makeup. They never leave your skin dry or with that weird leftover residue that most wipes leave behind.

In the evening I use this Cocokind, hydrating face wash, you can read more about this face wash here.

Next up, I slather on what I think is the most gentle and hydrating hyaluronic serum ever made. This super concentrated formula has both long- and short-chain hyaluronic molecules, which makes it possible for this serum to deeply penetrate the skin, unlike other hyaluronic serums that only lay on the skin’s surface.

As I said earlier, this Squalane Oil is my latest obsession. I use it religiously because it’s so very hydrating without leaving your face greasy and I never break out!!!! If there were one product I wish I created myself, it would be this one!

Sometimes I alternate, but at the moment I’m using the same moisturizer at night as I am for the day.

I use this same eye serum at night, but I use a lot more of it. I massage a good amount into the corners of eyes. Say NO to crows feet!

A natural clean lip balm to make sure my lips don’t get dry overnight.

I use this overnight resurfacing peel every night on my décolletage (neck, shoulders, and upper chest). Glycolic, lactic, and malic acids get rid of old dull skin, leaving you with younger looking brighter skin. It’s so crucial that you don’t forget to treat this sensitive area. It’s one of the most age-telling areas of your body, and it is often neglected. I also use this product on my face as well.

I always have two extra special treatment products with me. One for exfoliation—I use and love this one because it reveals glowing, revitalized skin in three minutes. Can you say instant gratification?! And I bring an extremely hydrating mask because you never know how your skin is going to react to climate change or the hotel water. This moisture locking mask gets rid of dry skin entirely. You apply then sleep in it, so it’s truly a no-fuss effective treatment.

Last but not least I have to keep my cuticles hydrated and this is my fave oil for that. Not only does it give my cuticles the love they need but the applicator is genius.

So there it is, my whole list! Sorry hubby but my beauty bag isn’t getting lighter anytime soon!

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