Nurture - November 15, 2019

How to Gift Intentionally This Season

We’ve all been there. Holiday stress hits in the eleventh hour and we realize we’re barely halfway through our shopping list, so we commit one of the greatest holiday cardinal sins: panic shopping.

A.K.A stopping off at your local Target, filling your cart with generic gifts, and ending up hundreds of dollars in the hole without an ounce of confidence or pride in your purchases. No judgment. We’re only human, and in the craziness of the season, it’s hard to know where to begin when considering intentional, thoughtful gifts. 

That’s why we’re sharing the four most important questions to ask yourself about everyone on your gift list. Consider this the official end to gifting random bubble bath soaps, and the beginning to gifting considered, intentional gifts that are easier on your wellbeing and kinder on your budget, making you truly excited to give this season.

4 Questions to Ask to Gift Intentionally This Season


1. What would improve this person’s day-to-day routine?

Maybe it’s an upgraded coffee machine, an Amazon Alexa device (our EIC Denise Vasi recently started using the Amazon Echo Show and it’s been a game changer for her daily routine), or a fresh pair of pajamas. Reflect on times they may have mentioned a struggle or simple frustration in their daily life and consider if there’s a tangible gift that can ease that stress for them.


2. What makes this person light up?

Do they love to binge So You Think You Can Dance videos on Youtube? Consider buying them a bundle of dance classes. Do they spend days on end dreaming about traveling again vacation? Try an Airbnb gift card. Do they relish time spent in the new house they just bought? Wrap up a yummy candle, cozy throw blanket and a bottle of their favorite wine. Think of moments when you’ve seen them the happiest, and find ways to derive a giftable item from that joy.

“Consider this the official end to gifting random bubble bath soaps, and the beginning to gifting considered, intentional gifts.”

3. What’s something they love to do often that’s taken a back seat?

So many of us put the things we love to do on hold due to grown-up responsibilities and crazy schedules. Hobbies suddenly become our last priority. Try thinking of a way that you can encourage or remind this person of what brings them joy. Do they love to take photos but haven’t picked up a camera in a while? Try gifting them a new leather camera strap to reignite their excitement. Perhaps they love cooking but their limited time and energy have resigned them to a life of ordering Postmates. Try gifting them a new chef’s knife. Sometimes even the littlest gestures can bring back reminders of what brings us the greatest joy.


4. What does this person need more: time or resources?

Time and resources are the two things that often hold us back. Either we don’t have time to pursue things that we’d like to do, or we lack the resources to do them. 

For someone who would greatly benefit from having more time, consider scheduling a few hours to take care of childcare/cleaning/any work tasks that can be handed off while they take time to pursue an activity outside of work or home. Offer specific days/times as options so they have the flexibility to choose when works best for them. 

For someone who is in need of resources, gift something that aligns with their goals or an activity they’d like to pursue. For instance, a Fit Bit or a yoga mat for an exercise junkie, or office supplies or a laptop case for someone starting their own business.

We hope these simple questions guide you to your most fulfilling, joyful gifting season yet—no panic shopping in sight. 

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