Nurture - March 11, 2019

Baby Number Two, Should We Have A Gender Reveal Party?

Before anyone jumps for joy, let me first tell you that these photos were taken in December 2014 when we had a baby gender reveal party for our now 4-year-old daughter. THESE ARE NOT PHOTOS FROM OUR CURRENT PREGNANCY, but you may recognize this dress because I loved it so much I did wear it again in this post.

Like most mothers of multiples, the question as to whether or not to have another baby shower is looming over me. Technically, we never had a “proper” baby shower thrown for us, instead I chose to have a blessingway (more on what that is in another post) in NYC with the women closest to me. My family and best girlfriends. But then my other girlfriends convinced me that we needed to have something to celebrate our first born back in Los Angeles. Since we weren’t revealing the baby’s gender to anyone, we thought it might be fun to host our friends (in what was our new home at the time,) and tell everyone simultaneously. What can I say, I love throwing a party and Iove, love, love surprises.

Here We Are Again

So here we are just three months away from #vasimandlerbaby2’s arrival. Time has been flying by at lightning speed, and we’re not even sure how we’ve found ourselves so close to our due date with so many big decisions still left to make. With our due date fastly approaching we’ve been asked if we’d be having another baby celebration, gender reveal, or “sprinkle.” Honestly, I’m just not sure what to do.

According to old-school etiquette—parents didn’t have showers for children following their first born. It was once considered poor manners, mostly because guests feel obligated to buy gifts… again. But newer traditions tell us that nowadays, mothers are having baby showers for their third and even their fourth child. So what’s a pregnant gal to do?

Why Is The Gender A Secret Anyway?

Once upon a time, many moons ago my brother was supposed to be a girl. That’s right the doctors told my mother she was having another girl. They were wrong! He was huddled in a ball, and they didn’t see everything they needed to see. I was 14 years old and very suspicious! Something told me this baby was going to be a boy so I made sure mom had boy names on deck. Ultimately I named my brother! YAY! But can you imagine my mother’s surprise?

Right before delivering she was gushing to everyone in the room about how she was going to have another little girl and then thirty minutes later. BOOM! IT’S-A BOY!

Now we all know technology has come a long way since then, but human error has not. So just like with our last pregnancy five years ago, I’m keeping this baby’s gender top secret till as close to the very end as possible.

To Reveal Or Not Reveal

If we did decide to have a celebration again, it would probably be a gender reveal because as you can see from the images, we did enjoy sharing the news with everyone this way. Looking back on these photos always brings tears of happiness to my eyes.

Currently, hubby and I do know the gender of baby number two (affectionately named Dolphin by our 4-year-old), so again it wouldn’t be a “reveal” to us. So the question still lies…

Should we have a baby gender reveal party or is it just passe? xxDV

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