Nurture - September 26, 2019

5 Ways to Bring More Peace & Positive Vibes into Your Living Space

There’s a reason the saying your home is your haven exists. At the end of a challenging day nothing can make you feel more grounded than an environment that exudes peaceful, calming, and positive vibes. At the same time, nothing can make you feel more exhausted and depleted than a cluttered environment that feels more taxing than relaxing. Sometimes we live in chaos for so long that we can’t see the ways in which we’re sabotaging the opportunity of feeling at ease in our own homes. With that in mind, we’re sharing five ways to instantly bring more peace into your living space, ahead.

Pare down

In the age of Marie Kondo, this tip can’t be stressed enough. There’s no doubt you’re a woman with places to go and people to see, and that means not spending your precious time sorting through overflowing junk drawers to find the scotch tape. Simplify the number of questions and decisions you need to make each day, by only keeping the items that you use regularly and truly love.


Create a work-free zone

Whether you work from home or just tend to take work home with you, it’s important to always have at least one room that you can retreat to with no sign of your to-do list. Keep laundry bins, work files, and the kid’s toys out of this space at all costs, even if it’s just your bathroom! Close the door, turn on relaxing music, and breathe. You deserve a few square feet where you can live fully in the present, without reminders of what needs to be done tomorrow.


Dim the lights

Think of the feeling you get when you walk into a spa: Immediate ease and relaxation. Create the same vibe at home using table lamps, sconces, and dimmers instead of harsh overhead lighting, which can feel tense and abrasive. In case you need further incentive, a study by the University of Toronto Scarborough reported that brighter light can intensify emotions, both positive and negative, while low light keeps them more even. 

Balance form and function

A home that looks and feels beautiful is important, but it still has to  function for your family and your lifestyle. If you have a white sofa marked by peanut butter and jelly stains, it may be time to consider investing in a slipcover to save your sanity. Or, if you have open shelving in your kitchen but struggle to keep it tidy, it may be time to reorganize your space in a way that doesn’t trigger stress every time you prepare a meal. Identify the pain points that caused by prioritizing aesthetics over function and see where you can find a middle ground.


Showcase what makes you happy

If you love to travel, keep your favorite memories on display. If you love books, keep your favorite novels on your living room bookshelf instead of boxed up in a closet. The items that make you feel grounded and connected to the best version of yourself should always be kept in plain sight. You’ll welcome the reminder of joy when you find yourself hitting a rough patch.

Remember, your home is your safe space to dream big, live freely, and recharge. Investing effort into bringing more peace into your home allows you to give more energy to your work, your littles, and your loved ones. You deserve it.

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