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3 DIY Aloe Vera Face Mask Recipes for Every Skin Type

Most people have a bottle of aloe vera floating around in their bathroom for a post-beach application. But this jelly-like goo is good for more than just soothing sunburns. The same plant-based compounds that make aloe excellent for calming inflamed skin after a pool day also make it a great (and inexpensive) ingredient for homemade face masks. 

Benefits of Aloe Vera

Here are a few reasons to use aloe on your skin all year long:

  • It’s full of antioxidants. Studies suggest that aloe can stimulate your skin’s production of the antioxidant metallothionein, which prevents sunburns from developing.
  • It promotes healing. Studies also show that two compounds found in aloe vera, glucomannan and gibberellin, can stimulate collagen production to speed up wound healing and reduce scar tissue formation.
  • It has anti-aging properties. By stimulating collagen production, aloe makes skin more supple and less prone to wrinkles.
  • It’s moisturizing. Aloe can also help bind dry skin cells together for a softer, smoother look and feel.
  • It has anti-acne properties. The aloe plant contains six antiseptic compounds, which ward off fungi, bacteria and viruses. This can help keep pores clear and skin blemish-free.
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How to Make An Aloe Face Mask

Making your own face mask with aloe vera is a fun and easy DIY project. Start with high-quality aloe. If you can find fresh aloe, or better yet, grow your own, you’ll be using the most potent ingredient possible.

Then, simply mix in the other ingredients until you have a uniform paste. Apply the mask to clean skin and relax for 10 to 20 minutes. Don’t go past 20 minutes or you risk irritating your skin. Rinse the mask off and lock in the hydration with your daily moisturizer or oil.

3 Aloe Vera Face Mask Recipes

Ready to put the potent benefits of aloe to work for your skin? Here are three easy recipes to treat all skin types.


Oatmeal + Aloe for Dry or Irritated Skin

Combine aloe gel with a tablespoon or two of powdered oats until a thick paste forms to double down on moisturizing, soothing effects. Oatmeal is a great ingredient for healing and soothing skin. It also has gentle exfoliating properties to reduce build-up on the skin.

Honey + Aloe for Oily Skin

Honey is a natural antiseptic and has astringent qualities that can help reduce oil. Paired with moisturizing and soothing aloe, this is a well-balanced mask for oily skin that won’t dry you out. Just combine 2 tablespoons of honey with 1 tablespoon of aloe gel and slather it on your face!

Banana + Aloe for Sensitive Skin

Harness the soothing properties of aloe and the vitamin-rich components of banana with this gentle but effective combination. The potassium and vitamin C in bananas helps brighten skin, while aloe provides a dense layer of moisture to lock in nutrients. Mash ¼ of a large banana in a bowl with a fork, then stir in a tablespoon of aloe vera gel. (You can use this one as a hair mask too!)

Whatever your skin type, you can benefit from a homemade aloe vera face mask for smoothing, brightening, moisturizing, and more. If you give it a try, let us know what you think!

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