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How to Create the Perfect Home Office Space

Whether you’ve always had a dedicated home office or are toying with the idea of creating one during this new work-from-home period, having a comfortable space of your own that keeps you inspired and focused will do wonders for your productivity. It only takes a couple of larger purchases like a desk and chair to get started. Once you have those in place, it’s all about organization and personal touches. 

Those of us fortunate enough to be able to work remotely will probably be doing so for some time, so why not put a little thought and love into curating a happy place where you can get your work done. Here are some of my ideas on how to create the perfect home office.



1. Snake Plant from The Sill: Bringing a plant or two into your home office space is helpful in many ways. According to The Sill, indoor plants boost mood and productivity and reduce stress. Pick your plant and potter to bring some life into your home office.

2. Laptop stand: Laptops can get overheated very quickly when sitting on a flat surface all day. A smart home office add is a laptop stand like this one. By sitting 6” off the table, it meets eye level and helps you avoid back or neck pain, which no one needs!

3. World Market desk: This World Market desk is my top pick for a home office space. The gold accents against the walnut finish make it sophisticated and professional at the same time. I also love that it has a retro vibe and has a built-in hidden drawer for extra storage.

4. West Elm chair: There’s nothing more important than a good office chair. You’re going to be sitting all day long, so you want to make sure your booty is extra comfortable (even when rocking WFH loungewear). This one by West Elm swivels, adjusts, and is available to customize with over 10 leather styles, four of which are vegan!!!

5. Foldable Bed/Laptop tray: If working from the couch or your bed is your style (no judgement here!), this foldable bed tray desk is perfect for you. Not only is it incredibly convenient as a portable desk, but its ergonomic design allows you to work comfortably. It can also double as a standing desk if you choose to put it on top of a table in your home!

6. Crate and Barrel chair cushion: If you already have a chair you’ve deemed your office chair, I love this cushion as an added layer of comfort and protection for those hours-long Zoom meetings. 

7. World Market chair: For something a bit more straightforward, I love this all-black office chair. The curved wood with a walnut finish and tufted leather seat make this a handsome and functional choice for your home office.

8. Amazon‘s Echo Show 5: Having an Echo device in my home office has been so helpful. The new Echo Show 5 is compatible with other Echo devices, the Alexa app and Skype, so staying in touch throughout the WFH day is even easier. Plus, you can listen to calming work music, manage your calendar, or make to-do lists all with voice control.

9. West Elm desk: If you’re not working with a lot of space, this is another great option for a home office desk. This smaller option with a subtle mid-century vibe that fits perfectly into most spaces. It’s available in three different finishes, so you can choose the color that speaks to you and your space the best.

10. Snake Plant (Amazon): In addition to boosting your mood and productivity, indoor plants have a long list of health benefits. Studies show that indoor plants help to clean the air by absorbing toxins, making the air more breathable. This buy is under $20 and you can easily add it to the rest of your Amazon order.



1. Power strip from UO: Power strips are the best way to plug in and can save you $ on your electricity bill. I adore these colorful pastel options from Urban Outfitters. Plugging in has a little more personality to it, and these strips also provide two USB ports for extra devices.

2. Hanging Cable Organizer: Big, bulky office cords are also a challenge when you’re attempting to create a calm office space. This hanging cable organizer is like magic! Not only can you organize cords and cables, but you can also slide your power strip into it for extra organization. Even better? If you decide to remove this from your desk, a silicone strip keeps it in place, which makes removal clean and easy.

3. Standing charger: If you’re over all the wires, try this wireless charger stand that’s capable of charging your phone, smartwatch, and AirPods at the same time! Plus, it looks sleek living on top of your office desk.

4. Cable Clips (Container Store): So. Many. Wires! I’m always having to charge something and that means reaching down to the floor to find and then untangle cords. These cable clips from Container Store are great for keeping all your separate cords in place. They’re self-adhesive so they’ll sit (and stay) on your desk perfectly.

Home office accecories


1. Screen cleaner (Amazon): Admit it—we could all be a little more diligent about wiping down our laptop and phone screens! I keep this WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner in my office so I can give my laptop a quick daily wipe down. This set includes a smaller spray bottle for your purse and special microfiber cloths that won’t damage your screens.

2. Gel Luxe Pens (Container Store): Add a bit of color to your desk and your notes with these gel luxe pens. Each color comes with two pens and they’re so pretty, I won’t be surprised when Lennox Mae “borrows” some for her own projects!

3. Electronic cleaning brush: The keyboard is usually forgotten even though it’s where the majority of our germs are going and staying! This electronic cleaning brush is made of bamboo and recycled plastic, and has a soft brush for sweeping, a crevice tool for stubborn keys, and a microfiber cloth, so no more excuses.

4. Lamp and charging station: The lamp that does it all—not only an excellent calm source of desk light, but it also provides wireless charging for your smartphone plus a USB outlet to charge other devices. Better yet, the lamp head is adjustable so you can aim light where you need it most. I love the stylish, high-end design and the functionality of this piece.

5. Acrylic drawers: Being able to see what’s in my desk drawers is so helpful when I’m looking for something specific. I love these acrylic drawers because they’re easily accessible and built with maximum vertical space in mind. You can buy as many as you need and stack them on top of each other to create an on-desk drawer system that doesn’t take up valuable space.

6. Post-it Note ball (Container Store): This desk-cessory not only looks cute sitting atop your desk, but the multi color octagon shapes can help you categorize all your thoughts. Plus, when you use up all the post-it notes, there’s a surprise magical, office 8-ball waiting for you to play with!



1. Perch from Container Store: Magnet heaven! This brand from Container Store, Perch, provides a clean, aesthetically pleasing way to keep your office super organized. You can pick and choose how to customize your Perch system, and each piece comes with mounting hardware included and 3M Command mounting strips. Plus, it’s all on sale right now!

2. Big desk calendar (Amazon): The bigger the calendar, the better! I like to see everything I have coming up in just one glance, and a big desk calendar like this one does the trick. Having the month laid out in front of me helps to prepare me for what’s next, plus the little quotes on the side of each month are inspirational.

3. Three-Tier Rolling Cart: For those desk setups that don’t come with built-in drawers, you’re going to want that extra storage more than you know. I like this option from the Container Store, not only because of its beautiful sage green color but also because it’s a slender, non-bulky option for storage. It rolls around smoothly, and the open tiers make finding what you need easier.

3. Hammock desk organizer: Another excellent option for creating a more organized space is this desk “hammock”! It’s a modern twist on the traditional file organizer and can hold any and all other tech-cessories. You can even get your sunglasses, keys, and notebooks off your desk and into a safe, organized space with this hammock.

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