- January 30, 2021

#maedchallenge: Self-Care Edition

Welcome to our very first self-care #maedchallenge!

I was inspired to launch this challenge after hearing from so many of our community members expressing how overwhelmed and tired they felt. This is understandable—we are all experiencing burnout after the last ten months, which have upended everyone’s lives in ways big and small. Incorporating self-care into your daily routine may seem like a daunting task when you’re already feeling exhausted and over-scheduled, but I’m going to show you how taking a little bit of time for yourself here and there can make a noticeable difference in your overall well-being.

In fact, you only need to commit to adding 3 to 5 of these self-care rituals to your routine each week—and many of the rituals only take minutes to complete. I want you to know that not only do you deserve to take care of yourself, you also have the ability to take care of yourself no matter how chaotic your life seems right now.


Join the Maed Challenge

For February, I’ll be highlighting a variety of my favorite self-care practices in hopes of helping you build your very own encyclopedia of wellness tools.

I’ll walk you through how and when to practice each ritual safely.

Remember to listen to how you’re feeling. The most important part of self-care is following your intuition and your body. Your body’s needs may change seasonally, monthly, or even weekly. Be okay with your self-care rituals changing based on the natural rhythms and cycles of your body.

Our goal is to commit to three to five self-care practices that you can gift yourself every week. Join me as we treat ourselves to some well deserved “me-time.”

We’ll work together on practices you might already know and love—but may have fallen out of touch with—and I’ll also introduce you to a few new self-care techniques you can utilize as well.

Mark this page as a place to recap each week’s challenges and to learn what, if any, tools you might need. There may be some items you don’t already own, but want to purchase to build out your Self-Care Challenge Tool Kit. To make it easy, I’ve shared the products I use in my own self-care routines below.

Week 1 Challenge: January 31 – February 6

We start our self-care #maedchallenge with three simple practices that can be incorporated into even the busiest days: breathing exercises, superfood smoothies, and dry brushing. Here are some of the tools you’ll need to participate in this week’s challenge.



Self-Care Challenge Tool Kit

Week 2 Challenge: February 7 – 13

I’ll show you how restore your sense of groundedness with self-massage, and share my favorite non-toxic makeup routine.


Self-Care Challenge Tool Kit

Week 3 Challenge: February 14 – 20

I’ll show you how to upgrade your nail routine into a mindful manicure ritual, how to have a spa-like experience with a DIY at home steam facial and how to perform a Gua Sha facial massage for youthful looking skin.

Self-Care Challenge Tool Kit

This Week’s Challenge: February 21 – February 27

This week we’ll merge DIY skin care treatments with self-care because taking care of your skin can be a meditative practice. Instead of rushing through your beauty routine, this week incorporate a detoxifying facial steam and the practice of Gua Sha facial massage.

Self-Care Challenge Tool Kit

Upcoming Weeks

During the rest of the month, we’ll talk about other self-care rituals that will help revitalize you physically and mentally. 


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