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5 Simple, Stress-Free Ways to Add Holiday Cheer to Your Home

Looking for simple holiday decor ideas? We get it. You have enough to think about between home schooling, work deadlines, laundry, and getting your two-year-old to eat broccoli without also having to remember to move the “Elf on a Shelf” or decorate a 9-foot-tall Christmas tree. So if this year is the one where you need to scale back a little bit—who would blame you? Cut yourself some slack. You’re human, and this is, indeed, just one season. 

To ease your stress, we’ve rounded up five crazy-simple ways to add the perfect touch of holiday cheer to your home without all the fuss. We’re positive that they’ll save you your sanity and keep you from feeling like a Grinch.

Add Greenery

Even if you opt-out of a tree this year, adding a fresh garland to your windows, door frames, mantles, or staircases is an almost instant way to transform your home for the season. Plus, the scent will fill your whole home with holiday magic. 

To keep your garland fresh throughout the month, mist regularly with plant mister (we love this one!) or a spray bottle of water. Eco-friendly tip: you can easily dispose of the garland after the season is over by composting!

Layer Cozy Textures

The best part about this holiday decorating idea is that there’s no need to remove after the holidays have come and gone. Adding texture to your home with faux fur blankets and velvet accents instantly impart a cozy vibe that’s perfect for hibernating all through the winter season. Swap a few throw pillows for velvet or knit options or add a cozy throw or two to your couch’s arm. 

Keep the Tunes Playing

Alexa, play ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Judy Garland.’” Honestly, if this is the only holiday tip you take from us, we won’t complain. Since holiday music is reserved for exactly this time of year, there’s not a more sure-fire way to get your spirit ready for the season than “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays” on repeat. Every little task becomes an opportunity to feel just a little merrier and bright.

Make It Lit

I am sure there’s scientific proof showing that twinkle lights put us in a better mood. If there’s not, it’s only a matter of time. Add battery-powered fairy lights to a glass hurricane for an extra glow, or add a few strands of twinkle lights to that aforementioned garland you’re going to hang up. We also totally support you becoming very liberal with holiday-scented candles. Add them to your coffee table, bedside table, and bathroom to keep the holiday spirit top-of-mind from morning to night. 

Style Metallic Details

Silver and gold have been representative of the holidays for as long as we can remember, so bringing in those metallic accents quickly (and inexpensively) will add a festive touch to your home. Add in a silver candelabra or taper candle holder (this one is gorgeous!) to your dining room table, or add a mercury glass vase to your coffee table. The result will feel beautiful and spirited while still being subtle enough to be used all year round.

Simple Holiday Decor Ideas
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