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Everything You Need to Know About Triple Cleansing

Double cleansing has become a staple in many skincare routines, but there’s a new skincare trend on the block and it involves a third step. While the K-beauty-inspired double cleansing routine involves using a cleansing oil followed by a foaming cleanser, triple cleansing takes things one step further by adding a cream cleanser (or exfoliating cleanser) into the mix. The benefit? According to Heather Nicole Funk, celebrity master esthetician and founder of Heather Nicole Advanced Integrative Skincare, triple cleansing offers a much deeper cleanse. Curious if it’s right for you? Keep reading to learn all about triple cleansing benefits, as well as how to incorporate it into your routine.

Benefits of Triple Cleansing

If you’re prone to acne flare-ups and excess oil production, it may be worth adding a third step to your cleansing routine. “Triple cleansing does a wonderful job of removing any oil or dirt build-up on the surface of the skin that acne-prone and oily skin types tend to have,” says Funk. Bottom line: pore-clogging dirt and oil won’t stand a chance against triple cleansing.

If you live in a polluted city, your skin is likely experiencing oxidative stress, which is a result of chemical-laden pollution particles penetrating your skin. This is concerning, as pollution in the air can not only cause a variety of inflammatory skin issues (think: acne or psoriasis), but it can weaken your skin barrier, which is responsible for defending your skin against environmental threats. That’s where triple cleansing comes in. “People living in highly-polluted cities need a deep cleansing routine at least two times a week to remove any build-up of micro-pollutants from the skin,” recommends Funk. “Triple cleansing is an easy and safe way to do this at home.”

Finally, if the day has called for heavy makeup, Funk says that triple cleansing is a no-brainer. “People who wear heavy, layered makeup need to make sure that all of the product is taken off before washing their face,” she says. “The three-step process of triple cleansing helps to ensure that any makeup or makeup residue is removed so that the skin can then be cleansed of any oil or dirt buildup.”

How to Triple Cleanse Your Skin

Ready to triple cleanse your skin? There are a variety of methods out there, but here’s how Funk says to do it: First, use a natural, plant-based cleansing oil to eliminate all of your makeup. Then, use a cream- or foam-based cleanser to wash the skin. (PS: it should take you at least a minute of massaging the cleanser into the skin to reap the benefits.) Finally, follow up with an exfoliating cleanser to remove any dry, dead skin.

When it comes to triple cleansing, aftercare is just as important. “After triple cleansing, it’s important to rebuild the protective barrier of the skin,” says Funk. “You should apply your regular serum, moisturizer, and eye cream, and seal it all in with hyaluronic acid.”

If you have sensitive skin, Funk recommends avoiding triple cleansing, as it can be a very stripping and drying process, which could be harmful to this skin type. Also, limit your triple cleansing to no more than three times a week—no matter your skin type—to ensure the skin isn’t over-stripped of its natural oils.


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